Kuhn Maschineninstandhaltung GmbH

I ' d here with like to introduce my company, which is specialialized in the field of cardboard ; the production of paper - processing machines ; the making and developing of special models and their maintenance and servicing.


Having gained many years of experience as the Department Manager of accompany specialized in maintaining bookbinderies and their finishing - machines ( used for manufacturing files and paper processing systems ), I am able to offer you a complete service.

The company has at its disposal a fully - equipped workshop with motorized lathes, milling machines, flat grinding machines and many other industrial machines used for the making of spare parts.


Offer of products and service:

- servicing, overhauling and maintaining of industrial machines and installations.

- making of protective covers maintenance plans, machine and workshop removals.

- revising machines and production lines and engineering

- designing and developing of special models.

- short-term designing  making and of special parts.


Of course we are also available outside usual business hours for trouble shooting, should any problems arise.

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